There are several questions that employers will ask that give you the opportunity to really sell yourself, but this question gives you the chance to show employers why you are the right fit: “Why should we hire you over someone that is equally qualified?” This is the part of the interview where it’s okay to sound a little conceited, many people hold back and feel that they are going on and on about how great they are. But that is what an employer wants you to do, these questions were designed so that they can get to know you very quickly. You now have the platform to give them several of your strengths and truly elaborate on them, give them the confidence in you. But this also requires you to prepare before the interview and to analyze, “What are my strengths?” Everyone brings something to the table that makes them stick out, but an employer wants to see the commitment and drive you have for the position and or the industry. There is a good chance that the other candidates interviewing have similar hard skills and qualifications, so set yourself apart with your soft skills. Show the employer that you are hungry for the position and dedicated to working hard. End it with a strong statement and let the employer know that you really want this job. In the end they are looking for someone to make their hiring decision easier for them. Give them no doubt that you are the “Perfect” person for the job!