Preparing for a job interview is tough work. You practice answers to common questions, decide on what clothing to wear and ensure you have done an adequate amount of research into the company. But what about the color of your clothing – does it matter? Is wearing a white shirt with a blue tie going to help you get the job over wearing a blue shirt with a black tie?

I believe the point of a “best color to wear for a job interview” article should be to say, wear what looks good on you. This applies to both ladies and gentlemen. I have never heard of a hiring manager not considering a job candidate because of the specific color they wore to the interview.

On the other hand, I have heard hiring managers make comments about clothing that did not flatter a person.  All the more reason to wear clothing that flatters you so that it will not distract from the conversation.

However, different colors do evoke different emotions and it is imperative when you’re being interviewed that you evoke the right emotions in the interviewer. So, let’s take a look at some examples.


Words that describe the color blue include: trust, loyalty, wisdom, peace. These are exactly the type of feelings you want to be portraying in your interview. Blue is a calming color (just think of the Ocean and sky) and sends out a signal to the interviewer that you are indeed honest and sincere. Studies have shown that wearing the color blue to an interview will increase your chances of getting hired more than any other color.


In contrast to the color blue, the color red stirs emotions more than any other color. Red is a strong color, very emotional, an extreme color that in an interview scenario can work against you. Unlike blue which has a calming effect, the color red is a fiery color (the color of love and passion), and can be an intimidating color for the interviewer.


Orange can have a similar effect to red.  A color that stirs emotion and therefore a color you should avoid wearing in a job interview. Although orange is not seen to be as aggressive as the color red, it is still perceived as a color that can evoke feelings of power and aggression.


Similar to blue, grey is a good color to wear when it comes to interviews. Grey gives the look of sophistication and authority. In a corporate environment, the color grey is professional and portrays an individual as being confident without being intimidating.


Purple is the color of “Royalty”. The color symbolizes power, aristocracy, lavishness, and extravagance.


Be careful when wearing only black to an interview.  Black is seen as a power color and can be viewed as threatening. Wearing black outfits can portray an individual as being powerful or even arrogant. Black is also associated with negative implications such as death, sin, and fear.

Just remember that first impressions count a lot when you go to an interview. Know your audience and dress accordingly.

This article is based upon an article written by Gavin F. Redelman, the author of Interview Secrets Exposed. Gavin is the founder of RedStarResume, a company that has successfully written hundreds of professional resumes for candidates across the globe. From the student or entry level position to the CEO, their unique, custom-made resumes are written specifically to match the goals and desires of their clients and to help them land jobs.