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The One Thing You Must Do In Every Job Interview


There are many that make the  fatal error of not asking a question at an interview.

*Keep In Mind *

By not asking questions, you are telling the interviewer you aren’t truly interested in learning more, in creating value, and in the company. Another issues is that they can’t  hire an otherwise very-well-qualified candidate because, in the lack of questions, the interviewee displays a lack of passion for, interest in, and curiosity about the company and the position.

The most important thing you must do in every interview is to ask great questions.

The key is to ask great questions- not to ask questions that you should know the answers to already (“What does the position entail?) or questions that make it all about you (“What is your vacation policy?”)

Here are 9 great questions you can use or make your own on your next job interview. Obviously they’re generic and should be tailored based on circumstances:

1) Who would make the ideal candidate for this position?

2) How will the work I’ll be doing contribute to the organization’s mission?

3) What were the best things about the last person who held this position?

4) What are three ways I can contribute to the company beyond the job description?

5) How can I best contribute to the department’s goals?

6) How do you see me best contributing to the corporate culture and morale?

7) What do you see as the biggest challenges of working here and how can I overcome those challenges?

8) What is your vision for where the company or department will be in one year? In 3-5 years?

9) How can I best help you and the team succeed?

Of course, the more research you do in advance, the more you can ask specific questions about the company’s recent news, blog posts, product launches, plans, etc. But here’s the bottom line:

Ask questions that demonstrate genuine interest in the organization and how you can fit in to their success.

Remember, also, job interviewing is a two-way-street! By asking questions, you can get a much better sense of the organization you’re interviewing at, and the extent to which you’d even want to work there.

An interview is just like a date. A date is a two way street– where both parties are seeing if it is a right fit. The dater who talks and talks, even if they’re a good match, seems disinterested in the other person. It’s the same with interviewing. Show that you are invested and interested in the person, by asking questions.

Job seekers that come in not only with great answers, but with great questions, excite the potential employers about the prospects of hiring them. And hopefully, they can get some great answers from them, and get excited about the prospects of working there as well.

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Article by-Dave Kerpen-CEO, Likeable Local, NY Times Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker