Richard Sherman from the Seattle Seahawks might be a professional football player, but are his actions professional? The Seattle Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers this past Sunday to go onto to the Super Bowl. The Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman made the game saving play by deflecting a pass to 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree. After the game when interviewed by Erin Andrews from Fox Sports, he went on a post game rant like a crazy person and was trash talking 49ers player Michael Crabtree.
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Many say that his actions were embarrassing to the game, his profession, his team, and the National Football League. Some say it just showed his passion for the game and confidence in his talent.  It left many people feeling that his actions were unprofessional because too much of the attention went to Sherman instead of the team as a whole. It made me think about professionalism and being humble. Two things that I think go hand and hand.  Part of being a professional is giving credit to the people you work with and remaining humble in everything you do.  Richard Sherman graduated second in his class in high school and then went onto Stanford University to graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Communication and now has started his Masters.  This video doesn’t paint a picture of an educated NFL player, but instead paints a picture of a very unprofessional Richard Sherman that wasn’t humble enough to gracefully win and give credit to his team’s victory.  When did it stop being cool to be Humble? Give credit where credit is due and that is a true Professional!

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