It is March Madness time again, one of the most recognized sporting events in the nation. Passion for College Basketball sweeps the nation, and we all live for those epic “Cinderella Stories” where the underdog becomes the Champion! It made me think about these players and how important it is to have their own personal brand. March Madness sets the stage for many college men to propel themselves, and their brands, into the spotlight!

March Madness

With the rise of social media we are all aware that self-promotion can open doors. For these college athletes the NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament is an opportunity to take advantage of the spotlight. The opportunity they are seeking is to move into a career in the NBA, but their personal brand is still very important whether they become a Professional Athlete or not. Developing a personal brand for college athletes can provide benefits such as: leaving a legacy not only in your sport but that represents you as a person, create new business ventures, post sport career opportunities, community relationships, opportunities to represent charitable organizations, and the list goes on and on.

This made me think about my own personal brand. If I was put in the spotlight in an arena like NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament what would my image, behaviors, and even social media say about “My Brand”!  It’s important to differentiate yourself and stand out from a crowd by identifying your values, expertise, abilities and recognition. Ask the questions, “What do I stand for”, “What makes me stand out”, and “What makes me compelling”?  Here’s hoping that our personal brands would turn out to be the “Cinderella Story” and become a Champion!