Bad Boss

Let’s face it, all of us at one point in our careers have had a boss that is less than pleasant to work with. First let’s define what exactly a Bad Boss is and then explore the steps we can do to improve the working relationship.

Sadly, a bad boss can work in any industry, at any company, and in any department! Don’t worry! You are not alone! Almost every company has a fair share of “bad bosses!”

Can you relate to any of the following with your boss?

  • Avoids confrontation, leaving important subjects neglected
  • Expectations for performance are unclear
  • Poor 2-way communication; prefers giving orders versus soliciting feedback
  • Uses position to get employees to perform
  • Covets information, fearful of subordinates knowing more
  • Mistakes being liked for being respected
  • Takes credit for work of others
  • Rarely praises

What can be done?

Ask clear and direct questions to eliminate any uncertainty on expectations for assignments and job role.

Always perform your best, despite frustrations.

Find a mentor in the company.

Until a change occurs, focus on your boss’s good traits.

Unless there is fear of retaliation, communicate any challenges to your boss directly. If improvements don’t take place, consider going to your boss’s direct report, and/or utilizing whatever anonymous reporting channel the organization has made available.

Although bad bosses can be frustrating; the best thing you can do is focus on your own performance and always look for ways to improve. Not taking his or her poor leadership traits personally and blowing off the behavior will do wonders for your own career (and sanity!).