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“Frozen” gracefully took the record this weekend for the biggest opening over Thanksgiving surpassing “Toy Story 2.” My family and I were lucky enough to be in attendance for the newest Disney release and maybe some of you were a part this box office success as well.  So there I am, sitting with popcorn in tow, enjoying the characters breaking out into song and dance and couldn’t help but think about my fellow job seekers. This left me with a few questions:
  1. Have you “Frozen” your job search because of the holidays planning on searching again in January?
  2. Do you think employers don’t hire during the holiday months?
You’re mistaken if you believe companies quit looking for talent this time of year. While plenty of people start to back off on job searching in November and December, you can benefit from continuing to put time and effort into your hunt for a great opportunity.
In short, the holidays can be a perfect time to accelerate your job search, rather than putting the freeze on your activities.Get a jump on the competition – and stay top-of-mind at your target employers – by ramping up your search during the end-of-year holiday season instead of waiting it out.Read this insightful blog from careerealism for more information on why you shouldn’t wait until January to jump start your job search.


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