We have a guest blogger! Desiree Maslen is a graduate from our Associate of Occupational Science Early Childhood Education program and we asked her to share her personal story with all of you:

Desiree Maslen

Prior to my 2015 graduation from Community Care College, my only goal was to be the best.  I was working customer service in a large retail chain store and I hated my job. I was absolutely focused on graduating with the best marks I could. I had always been a decent student, but I wanted to excel. I wanted to prove to myself I could do better. And I did. I dedicated time every night to homework. I stayed in nearly constant contact with my teachers. I did not let any assignment slide and I did ALL extra credit whether I needed it or not. I had an opportunity to soak up every bit of knowledge about Early Childhood Education and I did not want to miss a thing. It was tough, but I had an amazing network of teachers and students who were there to support me. 

My focus and dedication paid off. I not only exceeded my wildest dreams, I graduated with honors! I wore the red robe (meaning I got perfect attendance and an A average) and I was asked to speak at our graduation. I am still proud of that moment. I will never forget the feeling of putting on that red robe and looking in the mirror realizing I had made my dreams come true! Now after graduation, I look back on those months of focus and work and see that it was all worth it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I work with a fantastic company that works nationally to improve childcare. I enjoy my career and I cannot imagine myself anywhere else.  

Every time you feel overwhelmed and wonder if you can make it, please remember you can do it!  It takes hard work, focus and dedication and it is worth every moment.

Sincerely, Desiree

Career Services has the most amazing job – assisting our students with reaching and exceeding their personal and career goals is such an incredible and rewarding job!  Please reach out to us if you need anything. I hope Desiree’s story inspired you!