A job interview is not the time to show how creative you can dress.  There’s a little bit of free spirit in all of us that we really should not let show during a job interview or on the job—things such as tattoos and body piercings (in places other than the ears).Your appearance is the first thing people notice about you.  You could be a rocket science and not get the job because of the crumpled jacket and unpolished shoes you wore to an interview.


When it comes to odor we three different areas of “stank” as this generation likes to call it. Let’s break it down

  • Please wear deodorant and anti-perspirant, no one wants to smell your wild side.
  • Brush your teeth! No stale breath…well-brushed teeth and fresh breath please.
  • Smoking!!!! Make sure that your clothing doesn’t smell like smoke and DO NOT smoke on your way to the interview.
  • Go easy on the perfume and cologne. No one wants to sit in an office with you if you smell like you just left the local department store trying out the hottest fragrance of the season.


Make sure that your shoes are in good condition. Take the time to polish them if necessary to show that you take pride in your appearance. Below is a list of shoe styles to avoid.

Styles to Avoid

  • sneakers
  • flip-flops
  • hooker boots
  • sandals
  • lace ups
  • thigh-high boots
  • platforms
  • ballet flats
  • cork wedge heels
  • any shoes with laces

Hands and Fingernails:

In our professional opinion it is a good idea in a job interview to make sure that you nail polish does not have any chips and isn’t too bright. Make sure that your manicure is profession appropriate. Meaning, that I am not going to have these claws on the right when going in for a job interview. You don’t want the interviewer to even notice your nail color.  Also, make sure that you clean the dirt behind your fingernails.
Your nails and hands should be neat and clean. Basically, someone that you would want to shake hands with and not feel you need to wash your hands afterwards.
fingernailsBeauty Tips: Professional Interview Makeup


Everyone has a different perception of what makes them look presentable, but there are some universal rules. First, you should not use your ‘everyday’ makeup. Remember, you are meeting a potential employer. While your makeup does not have to be ‘natural,’ it should not be too dramatic. You have to take into consideration the corporate culture and the position for which you are applying. Mimic women who are in the position. As for women who don’t regularly wear makeup, and who think they don’t need to, think again. You have to consider your competition and you don’t want an employer thinking that you don’t take pride in your appearance. So, use some concealer and a bit of foundation to cover any imperfections (like a pimple or a blemish). If you don’t know how to properly apply makeup, department stores offer the service for a nominal fee. Just remember, stay professional.

Visible tats? 

Unless you’re interviewing in an excessively creative field, cover those babies up. To do, first swipe on Dermablend Leg & Body Tattoo Primer ($25) — this enhances the wearability of your body foundation, and prevents unsightly smudging. Finish with an ink-erasing layer of Dermablend Leg and Body Cover ($25).


What you do with your hair during an interview matters. If you’re a woman, how you can style your hair will depend largely on the length of your hair, but some styles are definitely better than others. You want to get your hair out of your face, and if you are someone who unconsciously plays with your own hair, you should get it out of your reach as well. Here are some of the best hairstyles for women to wear to their job interviews:

  • Wear your hair down, but clip it back
  • A French Twist
  • A braid
  • Safe hair colors include any natural hair colors

Jewlery and Accessories:

Don’t weigh yourself down with a lot of jewelry.  Jewelry that is clunky or noisy should be avoided. Women should avoid dangling earrings and arms full of bracelets, and men should wear little or no jewelry other than a watch and/or wedding band. No jewelry is better than cheap or loud jewelry. Also, limit your rings to one per hand and keep your piercing in your ears only. A good general rule of thumb is to make sure that your earrings are smaller than the size of a quarter.  I have said it before and I will say it again, no visible body piercings beyond conservative ear piercing. This one is tough for some people to understand but it really is an important one.


Don’t wear a hat to a job interview regardless of the type of job you are applying for. On a related note, don’t wear hoodies or any other type of sweatshirt or sweatpants.


If your pants or slacks have belt loops, wear a belt. It will tie your outfit together. Your belt should match your outfit and/or your shoes and bag.

Portfolio / Purse

A portfolio is a great accessory. You can store extra copies of your resume and your list of references. Or, you may want to consider a large purse or a small briefcase that can hold all your belongings, plus what you need for the interview. Stick to neutral colors, regardless of which option you select.

Clean, Pressed, and Fits:

Be neat, fresh and clean.  No wrinkles, stains, frayed edges or loose hemlines.  Make sure your clothes fit properly.  You should not have to constantly adjust your skirt or pull at a blouse that keeps opening across the bust line.