Career Services is shifting gears and covering email etiquette for our next few blogs. We couldn’t think of a better way to begin this important topic than the dreaded “reply to all”. (Insert spooky Halloween music here)

A general rule of thought is that you only use Reply to All when you are confident that “all” will be interested in the content of your response or need to be aware of what your reply contains.

Reply to All abuse and misunderstandings can be avoided easily:

  1. Senders: If you don’t want those you e-mail to use Reply to All, then use the BCc: field to list all your contact’s addresses so they are not seen by those who receive your message. If you for some reason can’t use BCc: or find it in your e-mail program or application, you then need to make the effort to send separate e-mails to each of your contacts. Then, if one of those folks hits Reply to All — it only goes to you.
  2. Recipients: You don’t Reply to All if you do not know “all.” Reply to the Sender only. And, please use your discretion as to what you feel everyone needs or wants to know. If you are not sure, only reply to the Sender.

Click the photo below for a fun video on the subject.


This blog is based upon an article written by Judith.

Judith created NetM@nners as a community service project to help onliners have a more enjoyable adventure. She shares her 18 years of online experience by covering everything and anything to do with online courtesies and e-mail etiquette.