Social Medica in the Job Search

With the rising popularity of social media, hiring managers have seen a fundamental shift in their recruiting and screening techniques. A recent survey conducted by Career Builder found that 51  percent of employers have found content on a potential job candidate’s social media page that caused them not to be offered the position.

That’s where Career Services comes to the rescue! Below are three things that can help you utilize social media in your job search.

1. Clean it up

It’s time to take a look at the image you are portraying to others online. How do potential hiring managers and people that are already in your network perceive you? Do your social media accounts reflect how you want to be represented in your chosen field or industry? If not, it’s time to delete and remove any posts or images that could prevent you from finding the success that you are seeking.

2. Delete or redirect unused accounts

Various tools are now available for hiring managers to utilize. These tools search your email address on the Internet giving future employers access to all of your social media accounts, even the ones that you haven’t used in years. Be sure to delete or redirect accounts to a different email address preventing any old embarrassing photos from haunting you as you embark upon your future career.

3. Engage with employers now!

Social media is a way for you to introduce yourself and can even help you understand the goals and dynamics of an organization. You mean that Facebook and Twitter can be used for more than posting a picture of what I had for dinner? You bet!

These accounts can be a valuable tool to assist you in finding employment. Start connecting with companies that you are interested in working for now. This will allow you to comment on their posts and pictures – getting your name in front of important decision makers. By engaging with employers throughout your academic journey on social media your name could potentially be recognized when you apply for a position and are actively seeking employment.

For more career advice stop by and visit with your Career Services Representative. We are happy to be a part of YOUR JOB JOURNEY.