Personal Branding is a term that I am certain you have heard. So, just for fun, let’s take a look at personal branding from a student’s perspective by kicking off our very first Vlog. For all of you blogging newcomers out there, Vlog is a tech savvy term for Video Blog.  See, you’ve already learned something and we are just getting started!

James Richard Wathen III is a recent graduate from the Associate of Occupational Science Fitness and Health Trainer program at Community Care College. I would be surprised if his name alone doesn’t trigger his slogan in the faculty and staff’s mind. 

During his time as a student, James was able to meet and form relationships with faculty and staff that do not regularly interact with students with his – now infamous – catch phrase: “Make Healthy Decisions.” Every interaction with him always ended the very same way. He has developed and implemented his personal brand with 3 Simple WordsMAKE HEALTHY DECISIONS.

Let’s now take a moment to hear from the creator of the mantra that we just can’t get out of our heads, I turn it over to you Mr. Wathen!

I believe that one day if you Google, “Make Healthy Decisions” a familiar face will appear. Now that my friends, is personal branding!