Have you asked yourself, what is email etiquette? Or do I sound professional through my emails? Can my professionalism be judged through my emails, really?

Absolutely! Others are making opinions about you as a professional by the emails you are sending out.  So, here are 11 tips every professional should know. How many can you check off about your last email sent?

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  1. Use a professional email address
  2. Include a clear and direct subject line
  3. Be concise and to the point in your email
  4. Do not sound like a text message, use complete sentences!
  5. Think before hitting “reply all”
  6. Use exclamation points in moderation and do not write in all CAPITALS
  7. Reply to all your emails in a timely manner (usually within 24 hours)
  8. In your salutation, sign with your first and last name
  9. Proofread your email, twice
  10. Add the recipients email address last (after you proofread it!)
  11. Double check to insure you have the correct recipient before hitting send

Run through this checklist and have confidence in the next email you send out. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your career service team, we’d be happy to assist you! We view you as a professional, be sure to view yourself as a professional!